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Monday Mini's - The King of Everything

Monday Mini - King of Everything

This mini is technically a hybrid - so not a true mini in my usual sense. I wanted to see how quick I could digitally journal onto the mini.
by Julie Hyde on June 15, 2021
Monday Mini -

Monday Mini - "Favourite Snack"

This is definitely one of those gotta capture the photo...moments, taken with a film camera over 30 years ago. Once upon a time, long ago, I worked for a photographer and of course he/we developed all the photos in a real darkroom. I was very luck I guess to get free film and the opportunity to develop my own photographs
by Julie Hyde on June 07, 2021
Monday Mini -

Monday Mini - "Shabby Vintage"

Keep it .. and use it. In your mini projects. A project which would only take 10 mins to create. Buy spending a small amount of time every week crafting, your creative spirit will continue to burn and thrive.
by Julie Hyde on May 31, 2021
Monday Mini -

Monday Mini - "Adventures Fill Your Soul"

Have you ever had adventures that you just haven’t forgotten? I know I have had many and they have been related all sorts of things. Some are of the travels we have done over the years and some are related to being with my children and grandchildren.
by Julie Hyde on May 24, 2021
Monday Mini -

Monday Mini - "Sibling Love"

I must admit I don't think there is anything cuter than two brothers kissing their little sister. xo
by Julie Hyde on May 16, 2021

Monday Mini - "Live in the Moment"

What does is actually mean to live in the moment? I think it means to try and live in the present moment and not to worry about what happened in the past ....
by Julie Hyde on May 08, 2021



Monday Mini's are quick layouts, usually 6" x 6" in size and are strictly made by using up leftover papers and embellishments. Sometimes the mini's have a photo and sometimes they don't. Minis are often used on larger layouts as a complimentary layered embellishment. Join me on Monday evening, when I post the mini!!



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