Monday Mini - "Live in the Moment"

by Julie Hyde on May 08, 2021

10 April 2021

— By Julie

"Live in the Moment"

Hi everyone.

"Live in the Moment"  with this weeks Monday Mini.

What does is actually mean to live in the moment?

I think it means to try and live in the present moment and not to  worry about what happened in the past as well as not fearing what will happen in the future.

Children are such wonderful teachers. If we want to remember ourselves, and how much fun life can be, we just need to watch a child for a few minutes.

Almost immediately we can get drawn into the Childs world and can appreciate the joy, simplicity and presence that a child exudes.

It can makes us feel the need to be just like that.. and want to - 

"Live in the Moment" 

When I see Layla on the swing it reminds me that children are the purest reflections of the essence of life, in all its beauty. The are true to themselves, authentic and live in the moment! 

So my challenge to you is be more like that this!. Live in the moment.  be joyful, and creative, dance, get on that swing and enjoy the NOW!

All the items use are from my left over stash ..the photo was a spare from an earlier layout.

Products used:

Cocoa Vanilla Ephemera
Left over Packaging 
Black Cardstock
Punched Tag

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