12x12 Single-Sided Scrapbooking Papers – a versatile treasure trove of creativity designed to elevate your artistic projects. Dive into a world of endless possibilities as you explore an array of patterns and designs, each sheet an invitation to craft, create, and express yourself in unique ways.

A Kaleidoscope of Patterns: There are an assortment of patterned paper in this collection that range from whimsical to classic, modern to vintage, and everything in between. Whether you're drawn to bold geometric shapes, delicate floral motifs, intricate abstract designs, or elegant textures, this collection has a pattern to suit every creative inclination.

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12 x 12 Single Sided Paper (14)

Adorn It Carolees Creations Dirt Track Adventure Diggin'


Adorn It Carolees’s Creations - Dirt Track Adventure - Dirt Track Stripe


Adorn It Carolees’s Creations - Whoopsy Daisy Collection - Whoopsy Flower Dots


Adorn It Carolees’s Creations - Whoopsy Daisy Collection - Whoopsy Stripes


American Crafts - Patterned Single-Sided Cardstock 12"X12" Music Sheets


Hambly Screen Prints Journalling Bits 12 x 12 Paper


Hot off the Press Tag Art Letters and Numbers 12" x 12" Paper


Tumblebeasts Horse Collection - Horse Wild West Phrases 12 x 12 Single Side Paper


Tumblebeasts Horse Collection - Range Red 12 x 12 Single Side Paper