Welcome to our Adhesives and Glues Collection, where the journey to finding the perfect adhesive is made simple and enlightening. We understand that navigating the world of adhesives can be a perplexing task for crafters. But fear not, for we're here to guide you through this adhesive adventure with confidence.

              Crafting with Confidence: As a dedicated crafter, you're well aware of the significance of choosing the right adhesive. It's not just about sticking things together; it's about creating something that lasts, something that stands the test of time. With our collection, you can craft with confidence, knowing that each adhesive has been carefully curated to meet your diverse creative needs.

              Empower Your Selection: Gone are the days of confusion when it comes to adhesive choices. Our collection comes with detailed product descriptions for each adhesive, providing you with the insights you need to make an informed decision. We believe that you should have all the information at your fingertips to select the adhesive that perfectly complements your project.

              Discover Your Perfect Match: From tapes to glues, our collection encompasses a variety of adhesive options, ensuring that there's a perfect match for every creative endeavor. Whether you're working on intricate paper crafts, mixed-media projects, or assembling 3D masterpieces, our range caters to your specific requirements.

              Quality Meets Craftsmanship: We take pride in offering adhesives that are not only user-friendly but also adhere to the highest quality standards. Each adhesive in our collection is designed to provide reliable bonding without compromising your precious creations. Rest assured, your artistic vision will stay intact, thanks to our premium adhesive solutions.

              Crafting for the Future: One concern that many crafters share is the longevity of their projects. That's why we've ensured that every adhesive in our collection is acid-free. This means that your cherished creations will remain free from deterioration, allowing you to preserve your artistic legacy for generations to come.

              Navigating the adhesive landscape has never been more straightforward. Explore our Adhesives and Glues Collection, where every choice is an informed one. Craft with assurance, knowing that your creations are held together by solutions designed to enhance, endure, and inspire. Come and take a closer look – your adhesive soulmate awaits discovery.

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              Adhesives (11)

              American Crafts Brand - Sticky Thumb Marathon Runner


              Couture Creations Die Cut n Bond Tape


              ICraft - Ultra Bond Adhesive.


              iCraft Mixed Media Adhesive 2.1oz Bottle


              Couture Creations Foam Mounting Tape - High Tack (6mm x 4m)


              Art Institute Glitter Metal Tips


              Sizzix Foam Adhesive Sheets 4"X6"


              Couture Creations 3D Foam Black Adhesive Dots


              American Crafts - Sticky Thumb Marathon Bundle

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