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                What is a Mood Board?

                A mood board is a type of visual presentation or 'collage' consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition. It can be based on a set topic or theme. A mood board can be used to convey a general idea or feeling about a particular topic. They may be physical or digital, and can be effective presentation tools"

                So in a scrapbooking sense you use the colours and images in the Mood Board to provide you with the inspiration to kickstart the creative process.

                I create all my mood boards in ( as well as the sketch and the downloadable Cut-A-Part file. I start off with a theme in mind or one image and just build on that until I am happy with the images and colours I have in the mood board. Canva highlights the colours from the images in the colour palette so it actually makes it easy to create the colour palette on the side of the board.

                Once the Mood Board is complete,  I start on the sketch and the printable elements. The sketch is probably the one file that does take a little longer, however once done I pull the images from the sketch and make sure they’re included in the Cut-A-Part file. 

                I may enlarge them of course and then sometimes I look for other complimentary images. All in all it takes me a few hours to create the set.

                However, I believe the creation and the process is just another way for me to express my creativity and I get much enjoyment out of the process itself 


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                Printable Mood Board May 2022

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