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Tsukineko - StazOn Solvent Ink Pad Jet Black


    Tsukineko  - StazOn Solvent Ink Pad Jet Black

    StazOn Solvent Ink Pad is a fast drying solvent ink. Suitable for all surfaces but designed especially for plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, laminated paper, coated paper and leather.

    It's an alcohol-based ink, which means that this ink is not water soluble, it's also colourproof, waterproof and scratch resistant. The ink is specially formulated for the use on semi-porous and non-porous surfaces. Metal, Shrink plastic, plastic sheets, aluminum foil, leather and glass are no problem for this versatile ink. The ink can easily be removed with the special Stazon Cleaner.

    The metallic colours of the Stazon ink contain ink that is quite thick, which is syrupy. The ink pads are delivered without the ink but with an inker and mini Squeegee. Apply just a few drops of ink, not too much because the ink needs a little bit of time to sink in. Spread the ink on the ink pad with the Squeegee.

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    Not recommended for fabrics.