Tim Holtz Non-Stick Micro Serrated Scissors 5
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Tim Holtz Non-Stick Micro Serrated Scissors 5"

Product Description:


Pardon the pun! Don't you want your craft craft projects to be a  cut above the rest? Well they will be when you use the Non-Stick Micro Serrated Scissors designed by Tim Holtz for Tonic Studios!

They’re the perfect for all crafter's (and non crafter’s)  with the featured timeless and classic black Kushgrip handles and all-purpose blades that don’t get all gummed up with sticky residue.

  • One pair of non-stick micro-serrated scissors
  • One plastic protective cover
Size: Scissors measure 5” 

These scissors are ideal for cutting fine details and will cut through all types of materials including sheet rubber, adhesive backed papers and vinyl. You will love that the Kushgrip handles reduce hand fatigue and the included plastic cover snaps into place making it easy to safely store them or for your crafting on-the-go.

Features of the 5” Scissors:
  • Extra large black Kushgrip handles offering ultimate comfort and precision control when using
  • All-purpose blades that don’t get all gummed up
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Ideal for both right- and left-handed users
  • Includes protective plastic cap for storage and on-the-go crafting and help keep your blade sharp
  • Fine tip blades for precision cutting
  • Reduce hand fatigue

How to clean:

Water and dish soap will suffice for most gunk that builds up after repeated use. For glue that's dried on, you can also use the rough side of a sponge and an acetone nail-polish remover. If they're rusty (from age or water contact), wipe the blades with a cotton ball soaked in white vinegar.

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