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              Since being founded in 1952, Tsukineko has always strived to be the leading manufacturer of high quality inks and ink pads.

              In 1982, we introduced the very first water-based pigment ink pad which was met with widespread enthusiasm by the crafting industry. This pigment ink pad led to the development of the (at-the-time) revolutionary multi-color stamp which then led to the creation of a myriad of other inks. And we haven't stopped developing since.

              Tsukineko is the established leader of innovative inks and ink pads, continually developing new products to meet the ever-changing needs of crafters all over the world.

              We are constantly chasing the next trend and responding to what you, our users, ask for. VersaMark, the original watermark stamp pad, allows stampers to create various effects - from two toned to watermark to resist-all with a single inkpad. Brilliance and StazOn enables users to stamp on previously restricted surfaces, such as metal, plastics and vellum. And the list goes on!

              Our mission is to create inks that excel in quality-in performance, colors and packaging. Thank you, our users, for continually inspiring us to strive to create the next best ink.

              Tsukineko now exports to over 30 countries worldwide.

              Tsukineko (17)

              StazOn All-Purpose Cleaner 2oz Spray


              StazOn Combo Special


              TSUKINEKO - Vertigo Film Transluscent Patterned Sheets 6X6 3 Pack Prism


              Tsukineko StazOn Solvent Ink Pad Jet Black


              Tsukineko StazOn Solvent Ink Pad Teal Blue


              TSUKINEKO-Staz-On All-Purpose Cleaner


              Versa Color - Mini Ink Pad - Opera Pink


              Versa Colour - Mini Ink Pad - White


              Versa Craft - Mini Ink Pad - Autumn Leaf

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