Enter the enchanting realm of the new 3 Quarter Designs Utopian Fantasy, a mesmerising world where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur into a harmonious dance. This extraordinary collection embraces a captivating fantasy theme, beautifully weaving together fairies, clocks, and florals to create an unparalleled utopian experience.

            Fairies: Graceful Beings of Magic

            At the heart of Utopian Fantasy lie the fairies, ethereal beings with gossamer wings and a mystical aura. These captivating creatures symbolize the essence of magic and embody the purest form of innocence and wonder. Each design in this collection brings to life a unique fairy, adorned with vibrant attire that reflects the essence of nature and time. From mischievous pixies to noble woodland queens, the fairies evoke a sense of childlike joy and fascination.

            Clocks: The Ebb and Flow of Time

            The collection weaves an intricate tapestry of clocks, each representing the ever-flowing river of time. These clocks serve as gateways between the mortal world and the fairy realm, acting as portals for those daring enough to embark on an adventure beyond their wildest dreams. Time is both a friend and a foe in this fantastical universe, as it holds the promise of eternal joy and the bittersweet taste of fleeting moments. The clock motifs enhance the designs, reminding us of the importance of cherishing every magical instant.

            Among the fairies and clocks, an abundance of resplendent florals adorns the landscape of Utopian Fantasy. The flowers, blooming in all colors imaginable, symbolize the beauty and delicate balance of nature. From majestic roses to charming bluebells, each flower holds a unique significance in this otherworldly realm. The floral motifs infuse the collection with an air of vitality and renewal, emphasizing the interconnectedness between the fairy world and the natural environment.

            Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting your creative journey, this collection invites you to let your imagination soar like the wings of fairies. Breathe life into your scrapbook layouts, mini albums, tags, and cards. The possibilities are limitless.

            This collection includes a 12x12 Collection Pack, 8x8 & 6x6 Paper pack as well as card card pack and A4 fussy cutting project sheet.

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            3Quarter Designs Utopian Fantasy (4)

            3 Quarter Designs - Utopian Fantasy 12 x 12 Collection


            3 Quarter Designs - Utopian Fantasy 6 x 4 Card Pack


            3 Quarter Designs - Utopian Fantasy 6 x 6 Paper Pack


            3 Quarter Designs - Utopian Fantasy 8 x 8 Paper Pack

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