3 Quarter Designs

Get Inspired with Our Exquisite Three Quarter Designs Paper Collections!.

Are you tired of boring, plain paper designs? Do you crave something unique and eye-catching for your next project? Look no further than our exquisite Three Quarter Designs paper collections!

We offer a wide range of the 3 Quarter Collection kits that are sure to inspire your creativity and take your projects to the next level. From elegant floral, seaside patterns to bold and grunge, and modern geometric shapes, these collections are designed to suit any style and taste. The paper is nice and thick, and distresses easily, and can handle mixed media products being layered on to it, making it very versatile. The paper is acid free and printed in New Zealand in store. The paper is 300gsm thick.

The idea is that the whole collection works together to give you plenty of matching product and allows you the ability to create a project or class that suits you from the elements - ‘whether you are into scrapbooking, card making, mini albums and even off the page designs these collections can be utilised in all of them.

On the back of each kit a series of photos showing a suggested scrapbooking ‘set of 6 layouts created from that particular collection – up to a 3/4 finished stage (thus the name). This allows you to add your own embellishments, flowers, words etc as desired to finish the final 1/4 of the layouts off and means you can use up some of those left over embellishments you have in your craft stash!