How to make Crystalline Paper with Mod Podge

by Julie Hyde on August 29, 2021

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Make You're Own Crystalline Paper using Modge Podge and Tissue Paper 

I must admit I do enjoy searching for new ideas on how to convert everyday stuff into something interesting. Better still loving the idea and using in one of your craft projects. So in my google travels, I came across an idea on making your own Crystalline paper which I just had to try out and found to be super easy.

Did you know when you add mod podge over tissues paper, it turns into a cool translucent paper with a shimmery surface that looks like stained glass. It also reminded me of the clear white crystal stones.

Tissue and Mod Podge?

Fun Project For The Kids Using Tissue Paper and Modge Podge

You can use  inexpensive products that you will probably have around the house such as serviettes, tissues, paper bags and more. I started with tissue and spent a whole afternoon experimenting with other mediums on top of the crystalline paper to get different looks. 


  • inexpensive white tissue paper

  • Modge Podge or Acrylic gloss medium

  • Freezer paper or something to lay the paper on. (I use puppy training pads). 

  • Acrylic paints, ink, (you can extend this list to Mixed Media Sprays, such as Nuvo Shimmer Sprays or Nuvo Shimmer Powders

     (to start with just use what you have available. Mod Podge can also be substituted with PVA glue mixed with water. Ratio 1/2 to 1/2.


1. Patiently coat each side of the tissue with a sealer such as mod podge, or gel medium. I tried both and definitely preferred the Mod Podge. My tissue had 3 layers, so I tried first with two layers and then just one layer. I found that one sheet works best. Two sheets doesn't have the same effect.  It's really hard to capture the true look of what the sheets look like in photos.  However, you can see the difference below in the images.

2. I dried all my sheets with a heat gun.  I flipped it over on my hand from one side to the other. Once each side is dry you will see the "crystal" quality - it's quite transparent.

3. Now add all your favourite paint and texture techniques to make some gorgeous papers. It's that easy!

4.  Leave some spaces to keep the crystal areas of the paper 


Fun Ideas for the Kids Using Modge Podge
Fun Ideas for the Kids Using Modge Podge
Fun Ideas for the Kids Using Modge Podge

With the first sheet, I covered the tissue paper with the Mod Podge, dried  with a heat gun and then sprinkled some Nuvo Shimmer Powders. The colours I used here were Blue Blitz and Violet Brocade. I spritzed the powder with water and dried again. I plastered it with a final coast of Mod Podge. 

 This sheet of tissue was 2 layers.

With the next sheet, I painted one sheet of the tissue paper with Rose Quartz Dylusions Paint mixed with a little water. It's a really soft pretty pink, just the look that I was after as I wanted to try the Prima Finnabair Unicorn Paste over the top. The effect was gorgeous. I let it dry naturally while I started my third sheet. 

This sheet of tissue was 1 layer. only.

The third sheet was again one sheet only and I used Prima Finnabair Sparks Acrylic Paint.. The two colours used were Mermaid Sparkle and Unicorn Hair. This sheet turned out so sparkly and translucent.  Can you imagine using these in a mixed media a  background. 

This sheet of tissue was 1 layer.only.


Most of these products are available in the store. Just click the links below:

I hope you found this post interesting and why not give this technique a try.  Leave a little comment below and tell me what you think?


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