All about Vellum and how use in your craft projects

by Julie Hyde on June 06, 2021

So Let's Talk - Vellum

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 ‘The Let’s Talk’ discussion this week included general information, 11 ideas on how to adhere vellum and also how to print on Vellum.  I hope you shared some of your tips and ideas in the Facebook Group, as well as any projects where you have used Vellum 


So what exactly is vellum? 

I know in the past when I have used Vellum, the problem area for me has been how to adhere the vellum without adhesive showing through. Since vellum is transparent and very porous, most scrapbooking adhesives will show through the paper. It's so annoying!! However there are ways to get around this problem. One way is to use a specifically designed adhesive. 

Here are some other ideas.

  • #1.  You can use a tape runner and Glue Dots to secure your vellum—you just have to know where to hide them! Use adhesive to attach the vellum to portions you know you will cover with paper or other embellishment.

  • #2.  Run your vellum through a Xyron  machine to apply adhesive.

  • #3.  Use your Tiny Attacher. Mini staples are a quick and trendy way to secure the edges of your vellum to the edges of your paper.

  • #4.  Use a  glue stick, then cover the glue spots with a strategically placed  embellishment, such as a sticker or button.

  • #5.  Attach the vellum with photo corners.

  • #6.  Set eyelets or  scrapbook grommets  in the corner of your vellum.

  • #7. Use brads to attach your vellum to the page.

  • #8. Punch a hole in the top of the vellum sheet, then tie it to your background paper with ribbon.

  • #9. Use your sewing machine to stitch the vellum directly to your layout. Grab your sewing machine and use a simple stitch to attached to your project. 

  • #10.  Use Spray Adhesive -  is a strong adhesive sold in an aerosol can. The spray adhesive is sprayed out in a mist that allows the user to spread the glue in even and consistent coats. Using spray adhesive allows you to cover a variety of adhesive applications.

  • #11. Gel Medium -  is a white, paste-like gel that will thicken your paint so that it retains brushstrokes, which is great for impasto techniques. Gel medium also enhances the adhesive properties of the paint, which makes it suitable for collage work.  It's essentially a binder without pigment and dries clear. It is intermixable with all types of acrylic paints and is lightfast, water-based, flexible, and permanent.

Printing on Vellum can be tricky. I created some images and words in and printed them on Vellum using  my Brother Inkjet, I am rather pleased with the result. It didn't smudge which is what I thought it would do.

 Vellum can be printed with an inkjet or laser printer. However, due to its non-porous surface and its light, delicate nature, . The best thing to do first is check your printer settings and see what options you have.. My Brother printer didn't really have many options to choose from which was a surprise to me. So I printed using my standard settings. You can also print using photo or draft setting, so I will try that next and see what the difference is.

Once I sent to print I just left it to dry and when I checked it the ink had dried. Sometimes the fix for wet, smearing ink is as simple as patiently letting it dry.

 I think the text bolded on this document would look better un bolded, however the images are relatively clear. So if you have vellum, have a play with some images and text = print and see what you come up with..

 If you would like a copy of this file, you can download from the link below. The size is A4.
Below is the image of the vellum print, light was not the best and the image does look a bit blurry.. 



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