Steampunk Soiree Retreat 15-18 November 2024 (Two Nights) - Scrap Of Your Life

    Steampunk Soiree Retreat 15-18 November 2024 (Two Nights)


      Steampunk Soiree Retreat  

      Total cost of retreat is $290 for two nights and $390 for three nights.

      Fully Catered and accommodation included. Location: Kiah Ridge, Tahmoor, (Craft Retreat 25-30 ladies

      Use this page if you are booking in for two nights.

      🎩✨ Gear up for the most extraordinary crafting adventure at our Steampunk Soiree Crafting Retreat! Join us in a world where Victorian elegance meets futuristic flair for a weekend of creative magic! 🌟🔧

      Embrace the steampunk spirit as we embark on a journey through time, crafting projects that fuse antique charm with avant-garde ingenuity. 🕰️🤖 Picture yourself surrounded by brass, gears, and goggles, as we bring the industrial revolution to your craft table!

      $50 Deposit to secure your spot
      $280 for a two night stay.
      $380 for a three night stay.

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