Using Different Types of Fibers into Your Crafting Projects

by Julie Hyde on March 15, 2023

Crafting with fibres is a fun and innovative way to add a new dimension to your crafting projects. Whether you’re looking to create texture or a specific effect, experimenting with different kinds of fibres can lead to exciting new discoveries. Here are just a few great ways you can incorporate fibers into your next crafting project.

Understanding the different types of fibres 

Before diving into your next crafting project, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the different types of fibres available and their uses.  

When it comes to crafting, one of the most exciting aspects is experimenting with different types of fibres. Each fibre type brings its unique properties and benefits, which can add depth and texture to your finished projects. Some common types of fibre used in crafting include wool, cotton, silk, and synthetic materials.  

Wool is a great choice for projects that require warmth and texture, silk ribbons such as Sari ribbons are perfect for using on tags, covering mini albums, and using on scrapbooking layouts.

In this blog post, I will be talking about a few of the various fibres you can use. In particular Plastic Fibre Tops (also known as Reprieve), Kids Mohair Curls and Sari Ribbons.

Plastic Fibre Tops 

We know that millions of plastic bottles go into landfill and oceans every year, Even though we re-cycle we don't know where the plastic ends up.  In NSW many of the bottles are recycled and used to make car parts, clothing, shoes, and more. Some even end up being plastic bottles again.

 When plastic is recycled into clothing it's first transformed into a product called Reprieve (otherwise known as Plastic Fibre Tops), which is then used by the world's leading brands to make clothing.

The Plastic Fibre is quite rough to the touch, a little like cotton wool. In this card below, I sprayed some of the fibres with Nuvo Shimmer Spray and used it as a base underneath the quote on the journal page below as well as in the header image of this post. 

Plastic Fibre Tops / Reprieve - using fibres in your scrapbooking and craft projects.

Kids Mohair Curls 

These delightful hand-dyed mohair curls  are sourced from angora goats here in Australia. They can be hand dyed or just used in their natural colour. Curls can be used in the same way as our Plastic tops for embellishment, mixed media, tags, journals, and more. They are quite thick and soft to the touch. They can also form a great fringe when their ends are opened up.   I have used them in the tags below, as a background for the buttons and cotton. This has to be one of my favorite fibres to use. I have used them in the Butterfly tags below:

Easy Craft Ideas Mixed Media Tags using Rubons

Sari Ribbon

Sari Silk Ribbon is not only a beautiful fibre, but it has a fascinating story behind its origin as well. It can be used in so many different projects,  Sari Silk Ribbon is made from 100% Sari Silk material.

It’s often called “Recycled Sari Silk Yarn”. Sari Silk Ribbon isn’t made in the same way that traditional recycled goods are made, but rather it is derived from remnants of Sari material that is either left over from creating the full Saris or from Saris that are no longer wearable. 

This is a much better idea than throwing it into a landfill.

Other Ideas On How You Can Use Fibres in Your Craft Projects!

Many crafters have no trouble at all in finding ways of using fibres, in their projects. however, if you're stuck, here are a few ideas below: 

1. Wind the fibrer very tightly and then glue it down on cardstock for use as a flower center.
2. Use it to tie a bow.
3. Make a frame around a matted photo or a journaling box.
4. Use it to tie through holes on a shoe die cut.
5. Use it as a cluster (wind together).
6. Use the fibre as a clothesline.
7. Use fibre to hang charms.
8. Attach brad to paper.
9. Thread embroidery floss or fibre through a button and tie a knot.
10. Use it to hang charms.
11. Use it to add dimension to rubber-stamped images.
12. Use to tie through the hole of a tag.
13. Use to attach a tire swing to a tree.
14. Thread punches on fibre.
15. Use as a bow on a present die cut.
16. Use fibers to tie on buttons.
17. Create a spider web on a Halloween project.
18. Use  as a string for a balloon or kite.
19. Lace two pieces of cardstock together.
20. Use it as decorations on a Christmas tree.
21. Make hair for paper dolls.
22. Hang your page title from fibres.
23. Spell out a word with fibre and glue it to cardstock.
24. Use fiber on maps to show locations, trip distances, and more.
25. Create seaweed on an ocean or vacation page.
26. Make hair or other features on the paper doll die cut.
27. Stitch or mount as a mountain/water outline.
28. Use as fringe for hair/mane on an animal.
29. Use fibers to make tassels.
30. Use to hang embellishments on a page.
31. Braid or weave together. 33. Weave fiber through some mesh.


When it comes to adding depth and interest to your crafting projects, color can make all the difference. Using vibrant, bold colors can create a statement piece that really pops, while more subtle hues can add a sense of delicacy and elegance. Consider experimenting with different shades of one color or incorporating contrasting colors for a bold look. You could also try using variegated fibers. Remember, even small changes in color can have a big impact on the final project. So don't be afraid to experiment and find new and exciting color combinations for your next crafting endeavor!

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