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Some Fussy Cutting Tips

Some Fussy Cutting Tips

    I'm not much into fussy cutting, but now and again I do end up starting a 
    project that ends up taking off in the direction of fussy cutting mode... and 
    once  you start, well….you sort of have to keep going!! 
   So having recently gone down this road, I started to think about my technique
   and how I could improve.  Then I had the idea for a quick blog post “Tips for
   Fussy Cutting”. I thought it would be good to share tips and help others when
    embarking on a fussy cutting journey.

Tip No 1. 
It’s all in the scissors. - I do like certain features i my scissors. Of course they need to be small in stature. :). Have a pointy tip, easy gripping and be nice and sharp. Its best to keep a set of scissors specifically for fussy cutting and be strict in not using them for anything else. 

There are two scissors I recommend for fussy cutting. One is the Cutterbee Scissors which we do have in the store here.  These have pointy tips and feature a comfort grip handle for left handed and right handed use and are great for cutting neat and perfect details in foam, paper, vellum, photos and more.

The other one I recommend Is the Tim Holtz micro serrated scissors. These also have the comfiest handles and a micro serrated edge great for detail cutting. You can cut sheet rubber, vinyl and adhesive backed papers. You can find them in the store here.

The Tim Holtz scissors are actually the scissors I use and if you want more detailed information on both you can find a related blog post product review here related to both of these scissors.

Tip No. 2.
You can more or less cut anytime... however I think cutting while watching TV is a perfect opportunity to get batches done at once.  Just pick your papers with the pre-designed elements and have them ready to

Tip No.3. 
When you start to cut, first cut around the image, freeing it from its surrounding paper or other images. The you can start on the nitty gritty.

Tip No 4.
Use the bottom part of the blade, you will find it will cut cleaner and will be a lot easier, as well as less slips and jagged edges. 

Tip No 5.
I find it easier to cut into the image and change the direction as I go. This means I don't just go around the image at once. You will again get a nice clean cut, and also protects your image from being bent as you go. 

Tip No 6.
Remove parts of the design that you don't want. Then fine tune the cut. and remove the smaller bits. 

Tip No 7.
Let your scissors do the cutting, this means move the paper around not your scissors. This will not only save time but will make it easier. 

Tip No 8.
You can enhance the border of the image with a black or white waterproof marker.  This way it will pop more on the page. 

Tip No 9.
Fussy cutting can be tedious and frustrating at times however the more you fussy cut the more you will get better at it. So I say persevere with your fussy cutting and you will soon become an expert.

If you have any further fussy cutting tips, I would love to hear from you.  Just post in the comments below. 



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