Tim Holtz Non-Stick Micro Serrated Scissors 7
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Tim Holtz Non-Stick Micro Serrated Scissors 5 inch

Due: 23 Dec 2021, This product will not ship from Scrap of Your Life until 4 January 2022.
Tim Holtz - Kushgrip Non-Stick Mirco Serrated Mini Scissors 5 inch By Tim Holtz - For over a decade Tonic Studios and Tim Holtz have worked together to create industry leading cutting products. The Tim Holtz Mini Snip 5/inch 12.3cm continues this tradition, with their large handle design and serrated edge, cutting precision detail in comfort has never been easier with the Tim Holtz Mini Snip. Key features and benefits of the Tim Holts Mini Snip 5inch /12.3cm include:, Large Kushgrip handles for ultimate comfort and precision control,, A serrated, titanium-coated non-stick blade designed to cut a variety of materials used across craft projects, Micro-blades for detailed and intricate cutting.