Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat 23.75
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Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat 23.75"X14.25"


     Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat 23.75x14.25 inch - Measuring 14x 23 inch with a sleek black finish, the Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat is a fantastic multi-functional tool for creating on your workspace.

    The 12x14 inch measuring grid features imperial and metric measurements, and the white 7.5x11 inch mixing palette area (complete with a durable non-stick mat) is ideal for preparing wet mediums.

    Glass Mat size 14 x 23 / 35.5cm x 58.3cm. Non-slip feet on the base of the Glass Mat for a secure workplace. 7.5 x 11 / 19cm x 27.9cm mixing palette area. 7.5 x 11 / 19cm x 27.9cm durable white non-stick mat.

    Grid markings on the main area. The glass mat is slightly raised to prevent your products from overcrowding your work area and this mat is a must have for any craft space whether you are a card maker, scrapbooker or mixed media artist.