"Roll Up, Roll Up: Step Right Into the Spectacular Circus Craft Retreat!"

              (Friday to Sunday)

              Deposit of $50.00 is required to book your spot. 
              Total cost of retreat is $280 for two nights.

              Calling all crafters and creative enthusiasts! Are you ready to experience the thrill and magic of the circus while letting your creativity soar? If so, get ready to embark on an exhilarating crafting journey at our Circus-themed Craft Retreat! Step right up, and join us under the big top for an unforgettable adventure where you'll be inspired to roll up your sleeves and let your imagination take center stage.

              Workshops Under the Big Top

              Join the "Juggling Act of Colors" workshop to explore the art of mixed media, combining paints, papers, and embellishments to create vibrant, eye-catching mixed media artwork. Or unleash your inner ringmaster in the "Circus Surprise" class, where you'll create a whimsical circus themed layout. 

              A Carnival of Fun

              The Circus Craft Retreat is not just about crafting; it's a carnival of fun and joy! Immerse yourself in the circus-themed ambiance with colorful decorations, whimsical carnival games, and delightful treats such as popcorn and cotton candy that will transport you back to the nostalgic charm of the circus.

              Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

              Just like circus performers daringly push the boundaries of their skills, this retreat will encourage you to step out of your crafting comfort zone. Embrace the thrill of trying new techniques and experimenting with different craft materials.

              You'll get to participate in a variety of crafting product demonstrations and make n takes.. And in between crafting sessions, you'll get to work on your own projects or take part in one of our our circus-themed challenges where you can win some fantastic prizes. 

              Secure Your Spot Under the Big Top

              Don't miss out on this spectacular crafting extravaganza! Book your ticket to the Spectacular Circus Craft Retreat and roll up, roll up for an experience like no other. 

              "In the circus of crafting, every artist is a star performer, and every creation is a masterpiece that tells a unique and enchanting story."

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              Spectacular Circus Retreat - 23-25 Feb 2024 (2)

              Spectacular Circus Retreat 23-25 Feb 2024 - Deposit only *RETREAT FULL


              Spectacular Circus 23-25 Feb 2024 - $280.00 (2 nights)

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