News Flash - Website Update - New Contact Email Address

by Julie Hyde on May 14, 2021

The first email address is specifically related to the ordering processing from the shop. When you place an order and need to contact us or have a query in relation to the status of your order, this is the email address that should be used. The email address will also be on your order confirmation and all other shop notifications such as order updates and shipping notifications. 

The email address is:

The second email address will be used specifically for retreats. All outgoing emails from Scrap of Your Life such as request for dietary forms, payments questions,  general updates and retreat news will come from this email. As a retreat goer any questions in relation to the retreats should be sent to  this email address. 

The account has been set up with an autoresponder and a link to commonly asked questions via a FAQ document will be available to click on.. This may answer your question(s).  Of course our aim is to personally respond to your email the same day receive it. 

The email address is:

New Email Addresses

Making it easier to communicate with customers and our community

To make is easier for our community to contact us a Scrap of Your Life we have created two new email addresses. It's something that should have been in place for some time now and finally it has been set up. 

The new email addresses will add a personal  touch when communicating with your via the shop specifically relating to orders and retreats.

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