International Dog Day

by Julie Hyde on August 22, 2021

international dog day

Did you know its International Dog Day  (IDD). tomorrow?

Our furry friends probably don't know themselves anymore with all the company they're having lately. I mean with us being in lockdown for so many weeks. They must be wondering what the heck is going on!

Even though we can't take our poochie friend out for a drive we can still take the time out to celebrate.

So take the time to appreciate our furry 🐹friends special day and recognise all the love and happiness they bring to our lives. 💙

 I have a few things up my sleeve over the next few days and most of it happening over in the Facebook Group.

Come and join us for the fun!

You might be wondering exactly how you can celebrate IDD, well here are a few ideas below:

1. Give them a home spa treatment – bath, massages, cuddles.
2.   Buy them a fun toy that they can play.
3.  Bake a delicious and nutritious doggie treat.
4.  Organise a virtual dog party with your friends and family.
5.  Watch a dog movie together.
6.  Go for a long walk (stay within your LGA).
7.  Have a celebrity-style photo shoot.
8.  Donate to a dog charity/shelter of your choice.
9.  Create a scrapbook layout featuring your pooch!
10. Share your home, expand your family – Adopt a dog! YAY

So which one are you going to pick?

Download our Free Poochie Printables and use it in your pooch crafty projects.

With cute cute tags, banners and tickets.  Oh! and don't forget the dog paws, bones and bowls all matching the large PUPPY PLAY title. 

My goal was to squeeze as many printables as I could onto an A4 sheet, while leaving room to easy the fussy cutty.

I hope you download this and love using it as much as I did.

Don't forget to tag us on Instagram or share in the Facebook Group. 

We also have plenty of doggie theme products in the store, and you can check them out here. 

A last note. These puppies above are our Chihuahua family. From left Mort, Holly, Savannah and Sienna.
Sadly we lost our Holly 2 years ago from a Tumor. We miss her deeply, she was the most gentle and loving of the Chi's. 💙.


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