All About Plastic Tops and How to use in your Craft Projects. Recyling and Upcylling in Craft

What are Plastic Tops and how can you use it in your craft projects.?

So 'Let's Talk' 

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THIS MONTHS LET'S TALK IS ALL ABOUT .... Repreve - recycled plastics. 

What is Repreve?

This is something new! and I must admit I hadn't heard of this product and it piqued my curiosity, so of course I had to order some in and try if out. When it arrived, it reminded of sheeps wool, however not as soft!. 

This product can be incorporated into textile work, machine embroidery, spinning, stitching, papermaking, collage, card making and stamping. Of course I'm going to test it out in the mixed media space. 

What is Repreve?

We know that millions of plastic bottles go into landfill and the oceans every year, Even though we re-cycle we don't actually know where the plastic ends up. 

 In NSW many of the bottles are recycled  and used to make car parts, clothing, shows, pens and more. Some even end up being a plastic bottle again. 

When plastic is recycled into clothing its first transformed into a product called Repreve, which is then  used by the world's leading brands to make clothing. 

What can you do??

1. Reduce the amount of single-use plastic you’re consuming. Break away from relying on bottled water where and when you can. Use a refillable bottle.

2. Watch Story of Stuff’s captivating eight-minute video on “The Story of Bottled Water.” It's a eye opener.

3. Purchase clothing that has manfactured containing Repreve.

4. By some Plastic Fibre Tops in the store and use it in your craft projects. 

Mixed Media Postcards

The fibres looks a little like wool, not as soft, but certainly something I could work with. I couldn't wait to colour the fibres with paints and sprays! 

I started by making a set of mixed media postcards using Dylusions Paints, Arty by Marlene quotes. stamps and a few little embellishments.  There are no rules with mixed media and I had rainbows in my mind so must admit the first two cards look a little like a rainbow background. All cards were covered with a light coat of gesso. 

With this first card I painted the Repreve using yellow dylusions paint and a little water. It was very easy to work colour though and I was impatient with drying time so I dried it in the sun.  

Using a few stamps created a little more interest and I also added some black cotton and rafia over the top of the fibres and finished the card off with a wooden painted heart.

My next card is very similar. The Repreve was colour using Nuvo Sprays. I didn't need too much at all as a little spray goes a long way.

Again, I took it outside to dry in the sun before I started.

The same stamps were used and I finished this card off with a fine black marking pen and made some random lines. (to keep in line with the quote).

I made this card a few days later. I used Nuvo Sprays again. As there were some lighter colours in this card. I sprayed the Repreve with a light pink colour and finished off with a painted chipboard piece. 

It might be more appropriate to swap the round chipboard piece with a painted square. (To match the quote).

Again I used black cotton an raffia.and a fine black marking pen. and scribbled a black box around the centre.


Liquitex White Gesso 
Repreve Fibres
Nuvo Mica Spray - Oriental Fuschia and  Nebula Blue
Dylusions Paints, Periwinkle, Lemon Zest , Squeezed Orange, Rose Quartz

Art by Marlene Sticker Book Artsy Arabia 
Black Cotton,
Dina Wakley Fude Ball Black Pen 

So that just about wraps this post up. 

I hope you found this post all about this product interesting. Would you use this product!  Leave a little comment below and tell me what you think?

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