Flamingos and Free Download

Flamingos and Free Download

So where are we at in the world of the flamingos... still in?  You may remember a post this time last "A flamingo world".  Well is seems the popularity of the flamingo has not waned over the year, in fact its still in full force.

It’s official: in the fashion world, flamingos are the new cats, the new peacocks and the new meerkat. Just made that up...lol But!   The long-legged pink bird is still acting as a cult favourite, popping up on everything from clothing, shoes, glassware, hats, trays, blankets, jewellery and more.

You may already know that I have a section in the store specifically for the flamingo and pineapples.  I have justed added quite a few more unique bits and pieces, which I am pretty excited about. As you won't find them anywhere else, I don't believe. 

You can see it all here in the store.

Plus are free download 


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