Some of my fav IKEA storage ideas.

Some of my fav IKEA storage ideas.

Nothing like being at home with a head cold and browsing through the IKEA online catalogue.

So I thought while I’m at it I would share some cute storage ideas that I am interested in checking out next time I’m at IKEA, which is probably not far away, 

The KVISSLE Wall magazine rack in white.. I don’t have a lot of wall space in mycraft room for this, but I do like the idea, as I would use it to store my A4 document craft projects documents. I use these at retreats, just grab the folder and away I go. Price $19.99. The link is here.

SKÅDIS Wood Pegboard. Again it’s a wall mounted object and I would need to find the room.  I think I would prefer the white one and would use it to store my craft tools, such as scissors, and brushes etc. Its $25.00 and you can find it Here

KNAGGLIG Pine box. I sure do like the idea of painting some of these and using them to store products. They also stack which is handy.  $9.99 each and you can find then here.

TROFAST storage combination with boxes, light white stained pine white, It usually $97.99 but at the moment its $87.99. I love the timber white frame and the draws slide in and out with ease. I have two of these and store all my newest releases in these draws with the exception of 12 x 12 paper, as it doesn’t fit.  My two have yellow and white drawers, however I do like the pink colour. You can find them here

SVIRA This set of 3 boxes is grey in colour with white flowers. I don’t think I would use it in drawers, but it would be handy for my desk storage. It can be used for just about anything. Its $14.99 here

TJENA Magazine files and come in various colours. This one is pale pink black. I love the design on this one. There only $39.. here

VESSLA I just love these storage crate with castors. They look like they would be great to store 12 x 12 papers as the measurement converts to 15.35 inches. They are only $5.99 each and come with lids. You can find them here

 So that’s it, Read our June Newsletter to see more pics of the TROFAST in action.

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So that's about it.. My favourites from IKEA. There is one thing I do know. When I go next, I will probably come away with more than I planned. Who else loves IKEA shopping? 


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