Finnabair = Art Daily?

Finnabair =  Art Daily?

From Finnabair!! What is Arty Daily?

Do you often feel your day is full of to-do lists, multi-tasking, and all these important things we have to focus on? Do you remember to stop from time to time and re-charge? I know I don't! Life can be fast-paced, frustrating, and overwhelming, but I've learned one important thing: there is always time and place to create art - you just find your way to do it. These may be longer, planned sessions or just short moments caught between your everyday tasks, but they’re all like a deep breath for your soul.

It is not about creating masterpieces or competing with others, but it is a conscious act of self care, releasing creative energy and giving yourself permission to play, listen to your inner voice, to inspire and be inspired – the possibilities are endless! Photos, accidental art, little notes, sketches, or full size projects, they’re all small steps in the right direction - to get back to your creative self. ~ Finnbair


From Julie

I just love all these Art Daily products, especially the chipboard album with the wonderful inspirational prompt quotes. What an awesome idea!!.

There are stamps, washi, stickers, journal inserts, metal findings and more. We have so many other Finnabair products in the store including the Waxes, Unicorn Effect Paste, Sparks, Opal Magic and more.  We have it all in the store and more on the way... You can check it all out here

Finnabair produts



I love this image.....



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