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Find that Mojo Part II

Find that Mojo Part II

Late 2015 I wrote a blog post on "Finding your Mojo". which were little ideas that were designed to kickstart that creative spark.  There were a few in my last post that really worked ofr me and below are some more ideas  (plus some older ones).

Cut back on TV - This one was actually on the last list, and I have added it again as its such a biggie for me lately.  I must admit I have been watching a little more Netflix, than I probably should, especially some of the series and binging on them tends to well.... take up a lot of time. I know its difficult to do this but this is one of my main goals for next year. 

Write something  -  Keep a journal. Write first thing in the morning or last thing at night. And please don't replace the writing for typing. There is something about writing that is therapeautic. And typing on a keypad sometimes doesn't tap into your real authentic sefl. When you do this be mindful of the actions, sounds and feelings that the writing evokes. This may help the  get some creative ideas flowing.

A little Dancing can do wonders - Play your favourite music and just dance the night away. if you don't want to be seen, make sure you are at home along. Dancing is great for the spirit and brings joy and happiness. It's also a good cardio workout.

Walk in the Rain - I must admit I'm not fond of getting wet, but a few weeks ago I was walking from one building to the other at work and got caught in the rain. Instead of feeling frustrated, I rather enjoyed getting wet in the rain.  It brought back memories of the rain smell, it cooled the air down and I noticed all the drops falling onto the ground. I guess it just awoke some awareness in me in relation to enjoying the simple things. When you stop and think of the simple things in life, it relaxes your mindset overall. 

Create a Collage - Just grab some magazines and start cutting our phrases and images that resonate with you.  Don't over think it - just cut and paste.  In other words don't plan the placement and agonise of the layout.. Use some planner stickers with encouraging sayings like "Just Do It" "Today" Start Now" etc. Pin it up on a notice board or the fridge and it can be very inspirational.

Your Space - Just spend some time with yourself in your own space, not interruptions, no noise just sit with yourself and shut your eyes and relax.  You can burn candles or incense I often sit in my egg swing with candles on the table and just spend time with myself.

Meet up with other creative/crafty people - Either to craft with or chat with. Sometimes someone else’s enthusiasm can get you out of your funk. Go to classes, crop nights, retreats and remember you don't have to stick with one thing.

Declutter. I hate clutter, so am always trying to declutter and clean, however if you are surround with clutter and cannot find any of your 'stuff' - you are not going to feel like crafting. Having a bit of re-organisation can help trigger your mojo and plus you'll find things you forgot you had. An uncluttered desk leads to an uncluttered mind (maybe). Or something like that.  

Scraplift from layouts you admire in on-line galleries. When you see other crative works it often gives us a kick start to push our mind in the right direction. Layout galleries in magazines is another option.  Just make sure you credit the original layout.

Just go for it! Just grab your photos and bits and pieces from your stash and 'go for it'. Give yourself a time limit to get it done.  Say half an hour. REMINDER!  This is supposed to be for fun only, so do not stress out or over think it - just go with the flow. 

I hoped this has helped and given you some more tips to find that long lost mojo....

 Til next time Julie


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