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Creative Days at Warragamba Town Hall

Creative Days  at Warragamba Town Hall

Last month I ran our first Creative  Day at the Warragamba Town Hall. It was the first time I had organised this event at this location. The facilities are awesome, there is plenty of space to craft and that means a table each as long as numbers are under 25. So that's good news as it means you can really spread out ... right!

The sides doors can be opened to let in extra light. Also there are shops  just across the road.
(Including an icecream shop)

Morning and Afternoon Tea is provided as well as lunch.
If you want to try something different then have a go at our free make n take. Last month we made some awesome mixed media tags. This month's make n take will be something a little different. 

I thought I would share a photo of the Town Hall as it is today as well as a  photo of the town hall from the 1950s.


Warragamba Town Hall 1950Picture: Sydney Catchment Authority  Article from Daily Telegraph


Warragamba Town Hall

If you interested in joining us for our next event then visit the event page on facebook here  or contact Julie on 0423275577

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