Cleaning Your Stamps

Cleaning Your Stamps
Hi Crafty peeps! 

There are a number of ways I suppose to clean stamps. One way which is very simple and easy is with just dish detergent and water

What do you need? One bowl with one or two small drops of dishwashing liquid (don’t take too much soap!).  Another bowl with just clean water.  Your dirty stamps and some paper towels.2. Grabbed your inked up stamps and let them soak for a few minutes in water with dish washing liquid. I usually give a gentle rub with my fingers to get more ink off. 3. Next, just put them in the bowl with water to wash off the soap. 4. Air dry them on the paper towel. 
The second way is to use a stamp cleaner like this one below.  This stamp cleaner comes in a handy plastic case. Open the case and there is a fuzzy material inside - one side is for cleaning the stamps and the other is for drying the newly cleaned stamp. The cleaner pad can be removed and washed. The case measures 7 1/2"x4 1/2". You can find them in the store here.
How about some Bubble Gum scented stamp cleaner? This bubble gum scented, water-based cleaner in a spray bottle for easy cleaning of hands and stamps stained with dye and pigment inks. Child safe, non-toxic. You can find it in the store here.
Some ink pads can stain your stamps. StazOn®, for example, really does stay on. That’s no big deal—just clean off what you can and let the stamp dry. It won’t ruin your stamp it may just stain it. To get them really clean, use the StazOn Cleaner. Find it in the store here

Do not use soap and water with wood-mounted rubber stamps, because it will loosen the adhesive. The quickest and easiest way to clean your wood stamps is with alcohol-free and aloe-free baby wipes. Or use any of the cleaners mentioned above.
Please don’t use acetone, bleach or any oil-based cleaner for either acrylic or wood-mounted stamps. Find Staz on here
I find applying a bit of both ways is probably better for your stamps. Using the chemical cleaner all over a long period of time may damaged your stamps.  Also always read cleaning instructions on the product
Happy Stamping ...
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  • Julie Hyde - Mar 18, 2019

    Great tips for stamp cleaning.

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