All about StazOn

All about StazOn

A few facts about StazOn

StazOn was developed to ink on surfaces like  leather, aluminum foil, plastic, cellophane, acrylic, glass and even metals.… and yes it’s acid-free!

Applying StazOn Ink

StazOn Ink can be applied with a rubber stamp, or by dabbing your piece directly onto the ink pad. You can also use Stazon on clear stamps, just don't use StazOn Cleaner on them. The cleaner will definitely lead to deterioration of your stamps.

The drying time is about  3 seconds (porous surfaces) - 5 minutes (non porous surfaces). Drying time varies based on surface / material, humidity, etc.

Stamping with Stazon
I  have used StazOn many a time but never on tin so I found an old mini tin and stamp flower images and the words "With Love".  I was a bit worried about making a mistake or smearing the ink and you know what I did exactly that, the good thing was that it wiped off with StazOn Cleaner and a baby wipe..Phewww!!

The tin surface is a little slippery to stamp on and after this mess up it worked perfectly fine. 

You can also used StazoO to colour embellishments such as rhinestones.and gems. As well as chipboard, vellum, acetate and more. There is no limit to the imagination. 

Mini Tins at Scrap of Your Life

Cleaning Off the Ink 

The best product to clean the ink off off of your stamps by using the StazOn all purpose cleaner.  This stuff is simply just the best! It not only cleans your stamps thoroughly it also conditions them.

Just turn the bottle over and gently rub against the stamp. Wipe off the excess solution with a damp cloth. I found that some stamps will need a little extra work to clean the ink off.

Stazon FAQs

Q: Is it necessary to store the ink pads upside down?

A: No, the StazOn pads are designed so it is not necessary to store them upside-down.

Q: What are the surfaces StazOn is designed for?

A: StazOn is designed to work with all non-porous and semi-porous surfaces, such as glass, ceramics, metal, acrylic plastic, leather, aluminum foil, and much more.

Q: Is StazOn archival?

A: Yes, StazOn is archival.

Q: Can you use StazOn over alcohol inks?

A: It is strongly recommend that you don't use StazOn ink directly on top of alcohol inks due to the small amount of solvent in the StazOn.
If you need to mix the two, first use a sealer to seal the alcohol ink, and then stamping your design.

You can find the StazOn and StazOn cleaner in the store 
PS. A question !! Do you love the smell of Stazon?




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