Monday Mini - "Adventures Fill Your Soul"

by Julie Hyde on May 24, 2021

24 May 2021

— By Julie

"Adventures Fill Your Soul"

Hi everyone.

Here is this weeks Monday Mini.
"Adventures Fill Your Soul".

How  true is this!!

Have you ever had adventures that you just haven’t forgotten? I know I have had many and they have been related to all sorts of things.  Some are of the travels we have done over the years and some are related to being with my children and grandchildren. Some were about succeeding at something new. When I think about them they bring back wonderful memories and I think this is what the quote means. “Adventures Fill your Soul”.

In reality, we can all be adventurous in our own little way, all you need to do is have the courage to try. It means stepping out of your comfort zone and just trying something new. There is a HUGE world of possibilities out there. Things to do, things to see, things to learn. We grow and become our bests selves when we take advantage of new adventures.  
 What does this quote mean to you?

Let me know in  the comments.

A little bit about the mini!!

You wouldn’t believe the background is a postcard from some packaging I have purchased.  I just can’t remember where from (don’t you just hate that).

But isn’t it the prettiest background.     I mounted the postcard on the front of a left over piece of  coordinating orange cardstock. (Not a colour I use very much).

 I left the side open for some tags to journal on later, added the butterfly embellishment which seemed to match perfectly and then rummaged through my box of die cuts and found “ Adventures fill your Soul”. I thought it would be perfect for the mini.   Then lastly added the Verdigris coloured key and tied some fine ribbon to it. 

I just love this little mini. I'm very happy with it and again I just used my scraps and leftovers. 

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