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I currently live in Silverdale (near Warragamba Dam), NSW (Aust) with my husband, and thirteen year old son Braedon.   I love spending time with my family, photography, and scrapbooking. I also have a daughter, who has two children.

I was introduced to scrapbooking when my son was only about 6 months old.  From then I was hooked.  I still remember struggling with my first layout.... but there was something about scrapbooking, it just ignited my creative spirit...A few years later I decided to open my own scrapbooking store.  For me, who loves a challenge, would love to be my own boss and work from home, it was a great idea, and I threw myself into it. However, even after running the scrapbooking business now to about 6 years, I still also work fulltime.  

My desire was to create an online store that is user friendly, full or ideas and useful information.  I am as committed today as I was when I first opened for business, in bringing you the most up-to-date and exciting products, great prices, rewards, quick delivery and the best customer service. My husband also helps me in various parts of running the business such as packing and posting orders, maintaining the website and also helps me with the carting of all the products to the retreats.

I am also always on the hunt for unique type products - little findings that are a different...so keep checking back in the Scrap Boutique section to see what's new.

I often take my shop to retreats at Kiah Ridge, and Waterfall and plan to start running them myself at Mt Schoenstatt, Mulgoa. So, if you are interested just click on the event section of the store.  

My philosophy.... To me photographs speak a language of their own, they capture the smallest and the biggest moments of our lives and take us back to places that only exist in our memory. Scrapbooking has forever changed the way we record and preserve our memories for not only ourselves but future generations.  It has linked the art of photography, the beauty of words and allows our own individual creativity to flourish.

 My creative goals... are to continue to try and trying new techniques, learning as much as I can and inspiring others to recognize their own creativity.




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